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Pet Care Center

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This facility is OPEN.

  • Please visit USFK Website for information on HPCON status.
  • The Facility may close depending on the HPCON status.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions effective Immediately, USAG Yongsan Pet Care Center  will be available by "APPOINTMENT ONLY." To better assist your pet care needs we require a one day advance notification for appointments.
We will return to normal operations when the COVID-19 restrictions are lifted.

Vaccination Requirements
  • Dogs: Rabies, DA2PP (Should be up to date)
  • Cats: Rabies, FVRCP (Should be up to date)

Vaccination proof must be submitted at the time of check-in. If vaccination proof is not provided, your pets may be rejected for boarding at our facility.

Cost Associated with Boarding
  • Dogs - Under 44lbs(20kgs)  $15 for the first dog, any additional dogs sharing the same room $13 per dog
  • Dogs - Over 44lbs(20kgs) $20 for the first dog, any additional dogs sharing the same room $18 per dog
  • Cats - $15 for the first cat, any additional cats sharing the same room $13 per cat 10% discount for pets staying over 30 nights
  • Dogs - Under 44lbs(20kgs) $1 per day/dog, Dogs over 44lbs: $2 per day/dog
  • Cats - $1 per day/cat

Pets may be boarded at the Yongsan Pet Care Center by Reservation if space is available. One family shares one room but different species are not allowed to share.

A deposit of $25 will be required at the time of making your reservation. If the cancellation/changes are not made at least 3 days prior to the original check-in date your deposit will be non-refundable.

Transportation from OSAN to YONGSAN PCC
Other Services

Pet Shipping - Export: Shipping pets overseas

Import: Clearance and delivery service for unaccompanied pets

Pet Chauffeur Service: Transportation from/to Incheon airport and USAG Yongsan

Accompanied pet travel arrangement service: Assistance for required process when people bring pets as an accompanied baggage

Pet Supplies, Pet Taxi (Yongsan Only / Pets Only)

Free Consultation for pet travel:

Please visit pet care center for consultation and make a reservation for transportation.

Dog Playground


Dog Owners:

  • Must wear shoes at all times.
  • May have up to 2 dogs per adult per visit.
  • Are responsible and liable for their dogs and their actions.
  • Will keep the dog's leash in-hand while in the park.
  • Stay with dog at all times and monitor behavior.
  • Immediately leash and remove a problem dog (aggression, mounting, etc.) from the park.
  • Quickly stop your dog from digging and fill any holes with dirt.
  • Quickly clean up after your dog and dispose of the waste.
  • Honor other patrons' requests regarding their dogs. Keep park gates closed at all times.
  • Turn off running Water
  • Are legally and financially responsible for their dog's behavior.
Striving for Improvement

Yongsan Pet Care Center is a customer-oriented organization that is constantly striving to improve its service therefore, your comments and suggestions are always welcome. In the event that a situation cannot be resolved by the respective desk clerk on duty, we encourage you to elevate the issue to management.

In addition, the Interactive Customer Evaluation Service (ICE) is also available to all our customers to complement our services or recommend improvements.

Please Click the URL for visiting ICE Web-page. Yongsan Pet Care Center ICE

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