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Dog Playground

Rules, Petiquette & Precautions

Dog Owners:

  • Must wear shoes at all times.
  • May have up to 2 dogs per adult per visit.
  • Are responsible and liable for their dogs and their actions.
  • Will keep the dog’s leash in-hand while in the park.
  • Stay with dog at all times and monitor behavior.
  • Immediately leash and remove a problem dog(aggression, mounting, ect.) from the park. 
  • Quickly stop your dog from digging and fill any holes with dirt.
  • Quickly clean up after your dog and dispose of the waste. (Don’t even think about leaving it for others to clean up!)
  • Honor other patrons’ requests regarding their dogs.
  • Keep park gates closed at all times.
  • Turn off running water
  • Are legally and financially responsible for their dog's behavior.

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