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Collier Community Fitness Center

Youth Policy


Youth Ages 17 & Under Must be accompanied by a Parent/Legal Guardian

CCFC is not a "YOUTH" Physical Fitness Center

1. Youth aged 16/17 years old may without Parental-Guardian Escort utilize the Cardio Room-Weight Rooms for Fitness Workouts.

2. Youth aged 8-15 may, under the "direct line of sight of the parent-guardian" at all times, use the full court for Basketball, and when set Volleyball and only the left side of Studio Room 2, First Floor with parent-guardian presence and engaged. They may not utilize the Weight Rooms-Cardio Rooms or Steam Rooms-Sauna’s.

3. All other Youth, aged 7 and under will be directly accompanied by their parent or guardian and will be restricted to the modified and provided Family Fitness Room.

  • Note # 1: Siblings are not the parent or guardian. The age for parental (legal) guardian is 18 and older and if legal guardian, documented through the Legal Office.
  • Note # 2: Parents-Guardians must maintain control of their children at all times and not allow them to roam throughout the facility unescorted. Safety is the "First Priority"
  • Note # 3: Guidance For Physical Fitness Centers (CCFC) defines as a family member, children and youth (16 years old and younger) must be actively participating in the same activity and under the "direct supervision of the parent-guardian". The rules as noted above( 1-3) are set for compliance to Command Guidance and Regulatory Guidelines and to facilitate and accommodate as authorized, our serving forces and their families within the community with reasonable and safe accommodations for facility use.
  • Note # 4: The CDC, Building # 4280, South Post is where to register for Child Care Services per space availability. The CCFC is not authorized to establish a "pseudo child care on site service" A certified and accredited childcare facility must be utilized. The CYSS Youth Gym is located at Building # 4215/16 South Post Yongsan.