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Collier Community Fitness Center

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This facility is OPEN.

  • Please visit USFK Website for information on HPCON status.
  • The Facility may close depending on the HPCON status.

USAG Yongsan Sports ,Fitness & Aquatics offers a well-balanced sports program for the Military community. Intramural, individual and team sports. USAG Yongsan Sports ,Fitness & Aquatics Office provides All-Army Sports information and guidance. It processes all applications and related administrative needs for Active Duty Soldiers assigned to USAG Yongsan.


For eligibility and usage, we strictly enforce Command Policy #47 and AR 215-1 for fitness centers and pools.


Eligibility and priority of use (as stated in Command Policy #47) is as follows:

  • Active Duty and their Family members
  • Reserve Component and their Family members
  • Retirees and their Family members
  • U.S. DOD Civilians (APF/NAF) and their Family members
  • U.S. DOD Contractors and their Family members
  • ROK Armed Forces*
  • Local National Civilians: KGS, KWB and KCS*
  • Local National Contractors*

There is a 100% ID Card check at all fitness centers.

*Not permitted to bring Guests. See Guest Policy below for more information.


According to Command Policy #47, a "Guest" refers to an individual not normally authorized access to USAG-Humphreys and this individual does not hold or possess a US Military issued or ROK Armed Forces Identification Card. Their access to a US installation is subject to an authorized Sponsor and must comply with USAG Humphreys Sponsorship Policy and procedures. Eligible Patrons may bring Guests into the fitness centers, except for ROK Armed Forces and Local National Civilians (KGS, KWB and KCS).  Eligible Patrons may only sponsor dependents on their RecTrac household. Patrons may not sponsor dependents of other households.

Sponsors are required to present their Guest to the Staff on duty. Guest must present their issued Visitor Pass and be signed in by their Sponsor into the fitness facility. Sponsors are required to remain with their Guest at all times while the Guest is in the fitness facility. 

Mini Recreation Center
  • Location: Yongsan Collier Community Fitness Center (South Post, Bldg #5200)
  • Hours of Operation:

           Monday-Friday: 5 a.m. - 9 p.m.

           Saturday, Sunday & U.S. Holidays: 9 a.m. - 6 p.m.

           KN Holidays: 5 a.m. - 1:30 p.m.

  • Featuring TV Area, Pool Table, Table Tennis, Video Game Room & Soldier's Computer Lounge.
  • Internet computers are available with both CAC-enabled and regular computers.
  • For more information, call DSN: 736-4588 From Cell: 050-3336-4568.
Soldier's Computer Lounge
  • Location: Inside the Collier Community Fitness Center (Bldg #5200)
  • Hours of Operation:

           Monday-Friday : 0500-2100
           Saturday, Sunday & US Holidays: 0900-1800
           KN Holidays: 0500-1330

  • Internet computers are available with both CAC-enabled and regular computers.
  • For more information, call DSN: 736-4588 or from cell: 050-3336-4568.
Striving for Improvement

Yongsan Collier Fitness Center is a customer-oriented organization that is constantly striving to improve its service therefore, your comments and suggestions are always welcome. In the event that a situation cannot be resolved by the respective desk clerk on duty, we encourage you to elevate the issue to management.

In addition, the Interactive Customer Evaluation Service (ICE) is also available to all our customers to complement our services or recommend improvements.

Please Click the URL for visiting ICE Web-page. Yongsan Collier Fitness Center ICE

More Sports & Fitness


FREE Ping Pong (Table Tennis) Lesson

Nov 30 6 pm - 7 pm

FREE Ping Pong (Table Tennis) Lesson

Nov 30 6 pm - 7 pm